Microsoft’s New Zune HD  

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Microsoft’s New Zune HDThe MP3 player also ran is being relocated as a service for delivering content to game consoles, cell phones and even Personal Computers. Delayed by a failure to sell large numbers of digital music players, Microsoft is now singing a new Zune.

A few days before releasing a new version of its MP3 player which is called as Zune HD, Microsoft (MSFT) is taking strange steps to courtyard software developers to make applications for the device, which competes with Apple's hugely successful iPod and iPhone. One developer of a popular iPhone application for reading Twitter messages says Microsoft freshly approached him about modifying the software to run on Zune, with Microsoft foot holding the bill for development costs.

The programmer refused, but Microsoft's present speaks to the company's famous perseverance at trying to make successes out of products that fail to stimulate customers the first or second time around. Along with new Zune HD, Microsoft is making a Zune service available for delivering cinemas to Microsoft's Xbox video game comfort. A Zune-branded tune service for the Xbox, mobile phones, and Personal Computers is in the works as well. The mobile device or the MP3 player is just one screen that can use many of the service.