Google's Caffeine: A new searching Technology  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google's new searching TechnologyGoogle would introduce new changes in its searching algorithms and infrastructure. The Google engineers were trying to put up Google's new searching technology from last three years. Now this project is almost over. We know this Monday Google silently began soliciting to offer feedback by introducing new technology i.e. Caffeine . This is the new system for Web searches that is being tested completely from the live search results currently found through

The principal engineer of Google, Matt Cutts said that Google makes many changes in its searching algorithms and infrastructure. Caffeine is a reorganization of the computing network that Google uses to connect end users and results. Also he added that this new technology system is more robust, that can do very faster than previous approach. Caffeine is completely different code from the larger part of our older system.

This new technology updates i.e. the part of the Caffeine does affect the ranking of ads on the search engine and not it shows any changes in the user interface side, said Google. Hence the average user trying to find a new set of results and even they won't be surprised by how the results are presented. Matt Cutts said that by this new technology of indexing, they have got a little speed which is the additional benefit of this project.

By the arrival of the new technology those who are involved in the search engine optimization at their companies or clients are just starting to get busy. The changes to indexing methods by the Google bot will likely have a crash on the way Web sites are presented on the extremely important first page of search results. For this they need for testing and feedback.
Google's new searching Technology
Google refused to give the detailed information about the rework in its back-end architecture and indexing process with Caffeine. The new search technology that is coming along with Caffeine has been in the works for months.