Google introduces new technology  

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Google's new technology

Google's new technology

Google is now trying to upgrading its search infrastructure and it is the hot news provided by the Google engineers. Till now this is the shady news for the end users. In the blog posting today Sitaram Iyer and Matt Cutts who are the engineers of the Google, explained that normal users won't see the difference.

A large team of Google Technical engineers has been working for the last several months on that secret project. I.e. a next generation of the Google's web search architecture. They involved in the first step. It is in a process that they will push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions. But the only difference is the user interface is unchanged.

Google engineers who are working in this secret project are encouraged to try out the new technology on a sandbox page and then Google offer feedback. We can submit our feedback by clicking the word caffeine in Google's feedback text field. These Google engineers aren't completely finished the whole project, but still remains some work.

On the other side buzz in the industry is obviously a considerable issue of it. The engineers of the Google said that there's a rightful new candidate in the search engine market i.e. The Microsoft's Bing, which is fueled by heavy advertising dollars and has begun to little way up in its market share since its debut earlier this summer. Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed that they aren't worried about Microsoft's Bing.

we can get ready to experience new technology verses world wide users.