Be quick to download windows 7  

Thursday, August 20, 2009

If you are looking to test the final release of Microsoft's Windows 7 you will have to be quick as at around 11 a.m ET on Thursday. Because Microsoft will be no longer permit you to download it from their website. What I am trying to say is Microsoft will also no longer be providing people with Product Keys. I hope all of you know that the RC is a build of Windows 7 which is 15 days older than the RTM version, because it is much more similar to the RTM copy, but not quite as complete. The existing new technology i.e. RC version is free to test until March 2010.

windows 7

Little Confusion in the upgrade path of windows 7

Microsoft engineer said that over the past weeks the number of Windows 7 related emails I get has increased numerous folds. The top Windows 7 upgrade path related question I am getting related to upgrade options. It is clear shown that people are not confused, but that information from Microsoft on upgrade paths is not helping much.

You might think that upgrading from existing Vista or XP to Windows 7 would be a break. You buy the software, go off in the compact disk and away you go. Well, it is that simple, but only if you are happy to carry out a custom install, where you install a completely fresh copy of the Operating System and then load on your programs and files afterwards. While I think of a clean install as giving the best possible results. It is a harass that many people looking to upgrade their systems would like to avoid. Most people I have spoken to want to do what Microsoft calls an “in place upgrade” where they get to keep their files, folders, settings and programs intact.

So, there is some problem exists, what is it? Well, the problem is that whether you can do an in-place upgrade or you may have to carry out a clean install depends on what Windows version and edition you are starting off with, and where you are going to. OK, but definitely this upgrade path is pretty clear, is it right? Well, we will see outlining of the various upgrade paths in the technology verses world blog.