Google's 'Caffeine' Verses Bing's result  

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bing search results

Bing search results

It is hard to imagine large, bad search monopolist Google trembling in its boots over Bing or even both Bing and Yahoo. Two months after Microsoft launched Bing, Google announced there will be an alteration in its own search infrastructure.

Google officials said on August 10 that the company is seeking help testing a new as well as improved search system. The new Technology code is named as Caffeine. The new code system is entirely different in indexing, ranking and crawling mechanisms from the previous searching system. Already we saw in the previous posts that Caffeine could be the “secret project” to which the blog Post was referring back in June when it reported that Google founder Sergey Brin was assembling a team of Google search experts to pinch Google's engine in response to Bing.

Bing, the restore Live Search, included a number of user interface changes, as well as twists to the underlying Microsoft search algorithm. The Caffeine new test site in which anyone can try themselves starting in last August doesn't offer any kind of obvious user interface tweaks. It does, however, change the way results are ranked.

The Google engineers said that the new Google searching infrastructure returns video and news results midway down the page. We know that the current Google search system, however, returned news at the top, video in the middle, and images at the bottom of the page, Search Engine Land found.

Soon the world would see the new technology